Globinc is a team of experienced economists, traders and programmers with many years of successful experience in trading stocks and their derivatives in the stock market, who have come together to show the world a leading trading system in terms of liquidity and profitability.

The first serious interest in cryptocurrencies appeared in the world community in 2016, it was then that the cryptocurrency market began to form. At that moment, our future team realized that this was the birth of a new earning opportunity, like at the dawn of the American stock market.

In 2017 Globinc starts developing a trading system. It was a long-term process of collecting unique data of all profitable trades to create accurate algorithms that allow you to get the highest profit on trading on the world stock exchange. We began testing trading strategies during the period of calm in the global crypto market in 2019, liquidity was low and some trading conditions were lacking to receive the necessary signals to enter the market.

In 2020, the pandemic provided what was so lacking, millions of people returned to the crypto market and began to carry out daily transactions of more than $ 300 million, volatility exceeded the threshold of 4 percent per day. The Globinc trading system has shown incredible results that it's time to show the world.

Globinc philosophy and mission

The ideology of the project development implies the creation of its own ecosystem based on the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies using arbitration transactions on the main crypto-exchanges of the world that meet the requirements of the trading system. Globinc creates conditions for the freedom of exchange of cryptoassets among system participants and their withdrawal from the platform.

The platform is aimed at potential investors who want to invest their capital with minimal risks, as well as the distribution of platform resources among its users using a universal affiliate program.

The main mission is to provide partners and clients of the company with reliable mechanisms for increasing their passive assets, transparency of these mechanisms, freedom and ease of use of assets, knowledge of the industry. After all, the most valuable thing we have is every user of the system. You give us trading liquidity - we give you a guaranteed level of margin on every trade.



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Globinc - making life better.